FanDuel in NY

Popular fantasy betting site Fanduel has decided to expand into the sports betting industry in 2019, starting in New Jersey and expanding all over the US. FanDuel in NY is expected to be one of the first states in which the FanDuel Sportsbook will be available. If you want to bet on sports with Fanduel, you currently have to go to New Jersey to do so but it is likely to change soon. To learn more about what to expect from FanDuel in NY, read the full review below.

FanDuel in New York

Fanduel is one of the largest fantasy betting platforms in the US with millions of users all over the country. The platform was recently bought by major sportsbook and gaming company Paddy Power Betfair from Ireland. After the acquisition the FanDuel Sportsbook was formed and implemented in the State of New Jersey thanks to the Federal repeal on the ban of sports betting by the Supreme Court. Since then FanDuel has showed its intentions to expand out of New Jersey and into popular markets such as New York.

Expect FanDuel sports betting NY to launch within the first half of the 2019 calendar year along with other legalized states such as West Virginia and Nevada. The site will be competing with other leading sportsbooks set to enter the region such as DraftKings and BetLucky, so you can expect FanDuel NYC to be up to snuff with their fantasy betting platform.

FanDuel in New York

Is FanDuel Legal in NYC?

The fantasy betting portion of the FanDuel NYC has been legal for the past few years, however, it is still attempting to finalize obtaining licenses in NY for sports betting. Sports betting itself is legalized in the State of New York but few sportsbook have been able to penetrate the market. Users can currently register with FanDuel to receive notifications on any development that may occur with FanDuel in NY.

A number of terms of use are required to be fulfilled before users will be able to use the FanDuel in NY. For example, all users must be over the age of 21 and geo located within the boundaries of the State of New York to use the FanDuel in NY software. Location tracking software must be enabled for users to use the sportsbook. Other terms and conditions may apply based on the license provided to the FanDuel in NY.

How To Register at FanDuel NYC?

Registering at FanDuel NYC is expected to be very similar to the registration process at FanDuel New Jersey. Use the following step by step guide below to help clarify the process:

  1. Visit the FanDuel website and click on the ‘Join Now’ button found at the top of the page.
  2. Fill in the registration form with personal details and create a unique Username/Password combination to be your FanDuel NYC Login.
  3. In the second part of the registration form you may be required to enter a FanDuel Promo Code to activate the FanDuel Welcome Offer.
  4. To complete the registration process you may tick the terms and conditions boxes and click on the ‘Create Account’ button at the end of the form.
  5. You will now be able to deposit money into your FanDuel Sports Betting NY Account.

Register at FanDuel NYC

FanDuel in NY Sports Coverage

The FanDuel in NY is expected to cover all the same sports as the New Jersey-based platform. The NJ site currently consists of a wide range of sports and leagues from around the world with a special emphasis on US sports and leagues. Football, Hockey, Basketball and Hockey in particular are very well represented with hundreds of betting markets available on a daily basis when the seasons are underway. College Football and College Basketball are also available for betting at FanDuel NYC along with top international sports such as Aussie Rules, Tennis and Soccer.

As a primarily fantasy sports based site transitioning into a sportsbook, FanDuel in NY gives users the unique experience of betting on a wide range of prop and player bets which you may not find at a normal sportsbook.

FanDuel in NY Live Betting

FanDuel sports betting NY is expected to give users the chance to live bet on select sporting events. With live betting users will have the option of betting on up to the second fluctuating odds which are based on the state of play of the sporting event at any given moment. Live betting in sports such as Football, Basketball and Baseball are expected to be especially popular when the FanDuel sports betting NY gets under way.

FanDuel Sports Betting NY App

A FanDuel Sports Betting NY App is expected to be available to New York-based users when the site goes live. The app should be available on both iOS and Android devices which can be downloaded by visiting the FanDuel website on your mobile browser. Location settings must be turned on for mobile devices in order for the FanDuel Sports Betting NY app to ensure users are betting from within the state boundaries.

Using the FanDuel in NY mobile app can be useful for users looking to place wagers on the go and get notifications to keep track of their bets and favorite teams. Quick deposit and withdrawal options via mobile also make getting money on and off the site a breeze.

Alternative to the FanDuel Sports Betting NY App users will be able to access the FanDuel Sportsbook via a browser-based client which requires no download. Simply visit the FanDuel in NY on your mobile browser and use the site exactly like you would on your desktop.

FanDuel Sports Betting NY App

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